Bone Spurs

 Bone spurs, tiny outgrowths of bone, develop due to prolonged pressure or friction caused by joint damage from conditions like arthritis or tight ligaments and tendons. Consult experts if you're experiencing discomfort while walking, visible swelling, or limited joint movement. Meet with Dr. Alexander Tokarski and Dr. Barry Butler, podiatrists at the Advanced Foot and Ankle Clinic. They specialize in diagnosing and treating bone spurs in Owatonna, Waseca, and Faribault, MN, utilizing cutting-edge techniques for effective relief. Don't let foot pain slow you down – their services can help you regain your stride and return to the activities you love.

Bone Spurs: Explained

Bone spurs are bony growths that develop on existing bones. If you're dealing with bone spurs, you might notice joint pain, stiffness, and limited movement. For example, if you bend your knee, you could feel discomfort due to the bone spur pressing on surrounding tissues. Do you wake up with a stiff neck that gradually eases as the day continues? You might be experiencing a bone spur in your cervical spine, causing discomfort as you move your head. Preventing bone spurs involves maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise to keep your weight in check and your joints mobile. Dr. Tokarski or Dr. Butler might use X-rays or other imaging tests to diagnose them. Imagine seeing an X-ray of your foot, revealing those extra bony projections causing your discomfort. The good news is that bone spurs are often manageable. If you're experiencing symptoms, contact our office.

Consult Our Podiatrist to Discuss Available Treatments

Seeking guidance from Dr. Tokarski or Dr. Butler regarding bone spurs could be your next step if you feel discomfort or pain in your feet. If activities like walking or standing trigger discomfort, consult our podiatrist.

During your first visit, our podiatrist will attentively examine your feet, possibly utilizing X-rays to assess the extent of the bone spur. They'll discuss your medical history and inquire about your symptoms. Be prepared to ask questions too.

Treatment approaches vary based on severity but could encompass non-invasive solutions like custom orthotics, physical therapy, or shoe modifications. Our podiatrist may suggest minimally invasive procedures to remove the spur in severe cases. Remember, the aim is to alleviate your discomfort and enhance your quality of life. Your podiatrist will be your partner in this journey toward pain-free mobility.

Please explore our website to learn about the conditions we treat and the services provided. Discover relief from bone spurs in Owatonna, Waseca, and Faribault, MN, and regain mobility. Consider an appointment with Dr. Alexander Tokarski and Dr. Barry Butler at our convenient Advanced Foot and Ankle Clinic locations. Call Owatonna at (507) 451-5950, Waseca at  (507) 835-1210 and Faribault at (507) 334-1951.

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